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    About Impact Hub Bucharest

    Impact Hub Bucharest builds communities for impact. We promote, enable & accelerate social innovation by providing business incubation, co-working, events space & a physical market space, along with accessible services to anyone committed to develop sustainable solutions for social & environmental issues. We are part of a global network of 120+ Impact Hubs and in Bucharest has been


    Policy Purpose/Principles

    Child safeguarding about is making Impact Hub Bucharest safe for children.

    Our child safeguarding policy reflects Impact Hub Bucharest’s commitment to first prevent harm and abuse, and then report and respond whenever concerns arise. It applies to staff, representatives and third parties, who come into contact with children or impact them through our programs.

    The overall purpose of this document is to ensure the prevention and avoid the risk of occurrence of situations in which children’s rights are infringed during the activities organized, hosted or participated by Impact Hub Bucharest and to set out the corresponding procedures.

    Impact Hub Bucharest child safeguarding policy is made of up four key principles:

    • Awareness and Training: All representatives receive training and contextualized support in order to prevent, report, and respond to safeguarding concerns.
    • Prevention: Through awareness raising, implementation of procedures, and good practice, representatives demonstrate an understanding of the risks to children within and across programs and operations, and engage effective strategies to mitigate harm, abuse, and exploitation.
    • Reporting: All representatives (includes all staff, interns, contractors, consultants, all partners including local community partners, visitors) know how to report and who to contact when any concern arises, no matter how seemingly small or trivial.
    • Responding: Engage in action that supports and protects children, with a child driven approach, to address concerns and ensure children’s well-being.

    Find our Child Safeguarding Policy here.


    Impact Hub Bucharest is committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and embracing diversity in all forms, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, physical abilities and other differences that contribute to an inclusive workplace.

    The policy aims to create an environment where discrimination, harassment and prejudice have no place and where everyone feels comfortable and safe. The foundations of this Policy are based on available national and international regulations.

    Impact Hub Bucharest believes that it is essential to eliminate all forms of discrimination and to develop a culture of inclusion in order to create a working environment where everyone feels respected and where their identity is valued.  Promote a culture where all resources are encouraged to develop new ideas.

    Equality of opportunity is fundamental to Impact Hub Bucharest’s mission, and achieving gender balance is a vital element for the organisation to ensure fair access and equality among its staff, communities and wider network. Since its inception, Impact Hub Bucharest has integrated these principles into its core priorities and day-to-day operations, while also applying the universal values that underpin our global network of Impact Hubs.

    This Policy applies to all stakeholders: employees, subcontractors, suppliers, clients, partners, etc. We expect everyone to abide by this Policy and adopt behaviours that promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

    Find our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Policy here.