Black Sea Climaccelerator 2021 EN

Înscrie-te la Black Sea ClimAccelerator – Categoria Growth

Drumul tău în cel mai complex accelerator dedicat startupurilor verzi din România și Bulgaria începe aici. 

Completează formularul de mai jos până pe 26 septembrie 2022 și convinge-ne că startupul tău este cel mai potrivit pentru a face parte din categoria Growth a Black Sea ClimAccelerator 2022.

6 startupuri cu soluții scalabile vor fi selectate și vor beneficia de sesiuni de consultanță de specialitate pe nevoile lor specifice.

Activitățile au un focus special pe stabilirea relațiilor cu investitorii și accesarea fondurilor de care au nevoie pentru creșterea impactului soluțiilor lor.

Dacă vei fi selectat vei beneficia de: ​

  • Workshop-uri și studii de caz
  • Peer sharing la nivel național și internațional
  • Mentorat: Matching 1-to-1 cu mentori cu experiență ​
  • Networking și conectare cu actori-cheie din ecosistem ​
  • Consultanță pe nevoi specifice
  • Participare la evenimente și târguri naționale și internaționale
  • Participare la Demo Day (Decembrie 2022), unde îți vei prezenta soluția în fața jucătorilor-cheie din piață
  • Sprijin și facilitare pentru atragerea de investiții și finanțări – identificare de oportunități, pregătire & know-how.

Please note that you must use English to fill out the application form. Should you be selected, please note that some of the program activities will be in English.  

  • Contact details

  • About your green startup

    We want to learn more about your startup to see whether Black Sea ClimAccelerator can really support you and which category of the program suits you best.
  • Check all the options that apply:
  • Only legally registered companies can apply for Black Sea ClimAccelerator
  • It can be a link to your website, a demo, a video, a screenshot, a presentation, a portfolio, a Facebook page, a Drive document, etc. Anything that can help us better understand it.
  • Check all that applies
  • Help us better understand what the products/services that you offer are.
  • Tell us about your pricing strategy, sales channels, distribution plans, etc.
  • Do you help others reduce their GHG emissions, do you reduce GHG emissions directly through your product/service or do you contribute to the adjustment to the climate change effects? To answer this question, we invite you to use this tool as well:
  • Think about the greatest business challenge that you are facing right now. Or your greatest objective for the future of your business. Or the highest expectation you have from Black Sea ClimAccelerator. Or, better yet - all of them together.
  • About you and your team

    Before submitting your application, we would like to learn more about your role and the team you work with.
  • Tell us more about your expertise and professional experience.
  • If you could also add the link to their LinkedIn profiles, that would be even better.
  • We’re getting closer to the finish line…

  • By completing this form, if you are selected to participate in the program, you make the commitment to participate in the work schedule and all the activities prepared for you.
  • In order to process your entry, we are collecting and processing the data you have shared with us through this form. I confirm that I accept the conditions required for participating in the Growth Category of Black Sea ClimAccelerator.*
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