Discover how Impact Hub can help you and your business grow together

Community Evening


Be part of a trusted community of entrepreneurs, creatives, techies, freelancers and mentors who work together, share ideas and resources, get feedback, attend events, run their own workshops, prototype and test product. From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco, from Bucharest and soon to Cluj, we are a rapidly expanding diverse global network of over 11,000+ members in more than 60 locations.


Discover a creative place to work, connect with other people, organize important events, find inspiration, take a creative break, ask for feedback and open to new perspective. We mix collaborative working space, relaxation areas, kitchen and all the office infrastructure needed. You focus on your business, we give you access to all the tools needed to make it grow.
Impact Hub Bucharest Scaling Program


Smart ideas need all the right ingredients in becoming real initiatives and further smart businesses. Besides driven entrepreneurs, a good working infrastructure and a vibrant community, we also need to add support and business development programs. We envision such support through different incubation or acceleration programs such as “Hubcelerator”, “Impact Hub Scaling Program” or ”Plastic Fantastic Challenge”.


For start-ups and early stage organisations, the ability of fundraise and validate their business model in the real world are key issues to solve. Starting this year it is our ambition to offer a new way of financing such ventures and go beyond the conventional tools and financial instruments available in the market. For this we are developing a strong partnership with We Are Here – the Romanian crowdfunding platform.

Event Space

We know what a successful event looks like, from a creative location that stands out to offering support for participants and catering partners. Our support extends to new communities providing a meeting space and host trainings and different creative workshops. We’ll continue to be a part of innovative fairs, informal press conferences – in short, the colourful and welcoming space in Piata Unirii.


With a continuous focus on bringing and designing new event concepts, we try and emphasise through each conference, innovative methods of learning and interaction. Starting with Impact Festival, where we shed a spotlight on the people and projects generating a positive impact, to connecting local and international key players at Unlikely Allies and Connection, to unveiling fears next to entrepreneurs at Fears and Failures.
Inside Stories


We hosts a variety of events, workshops and conferences to foster collaborative learning and thought leadership around topics that help you take your initiative to the next level. From the interaction phase between the members of our community to business support workshops, from inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs to debating the hot topics of the public agenda we are inviting you to be an active participant.

Special Projects

Impact Hub is host for many professionals in various fields. The collaborative and innovative approach were inspiration towards the development of new products and services in partnership with our community members. From concept design around different programs and events, to facilitation of meaningful conversations or managing large scale events we are now able to offer the Impact Hub experience to a wider range of clients.