Impact Hub in Vama Veche | 7 - 17 August 2014

We will recreate Impact Hub Experience on the terrace of Expirat  Vama Veche by being the curators of an inspiring place where new connections, relationships and initiatives can start. The blue of the sea, the sparkle of a meaningful conversation, relaxing but yet learning events can trigger new creative insights that can be captured and developed right away in your “on the beach” office.

When & Where?


Expirat Vama Veche

7 - 17 August

You can find us on the terrace of Expirat Vama Veche between August 7th and 17th.

The space


A venue on the beach that recreates the essence of Impact Hub. It includes the physical and virtual infrastructure that supports collaboration. From the most tangible things such as internet and tables, to the most intangible such as facilitated contexts and processes for everyone to participate, interact, engage and create value for themselves and for each other.

The Host


The host is the person that cultivates conditions for collaboration through hosting the space. People who “hold” space and dedicate their attention constantly to the flow of people, events, things in the space and the experiences of the visitors. She makes everyone feel at home.

The Events


"The most important work in the new economy is creating conversations". From everyday interaction to eye opening events you get the inspiration you need for your work and collaborate with extraordinary people. Check out below the events we will host at Impact Hub in Vama Veche.

Contribute and get the coolest rewards!

The are no fees to use the coworking space in Vama Veche or to attend the events, so in order to make Impact Hub happen in Vama Veche we need your support, either by financial contribution, either by sharing the news about this campaign. 

How does it work?

You choose the reward that suits your summerish mood, fill in the form bellow with your details and we will send you the banking details where you can transfer the amount you choose to contribute with. (Please allow up to 10 minutes for the e-mail to reach your inbox)

The rewards will be available for pick-up at Impact Hub Bucharest & Impact Hub Vama Veche starting August 7th. *Get the entrepreneurial summer pack and we will deliver it by courier in Romania for free.

Inspiration Cup


Contribute 50 lei

For a contribution of 50 lei we will reward you with the Inspiration Cup that anyone should have. When under the deadline, a sip of coffee from this cup can boost your creativity by 50 %* (*british scientists might have said). Also, with 50 lei, one of the event speakers will get halfway to Vama Veche.

Summer Bag


Contribute 80 lei

For a contribution of 80 lei we will reward you with the Summer Bag made by Upside Down from upcycled advertising mesh. Although some say that considering its past might contain traces of marketing campaigns wisdom, we suggest you just stuff all  you belongings and just hit the beach. With 80 lei, one of the team members will get a place to stay for a night.

Out of office towel


Contribute 90 lei

For a contribution of 90 lei we will reward you with the Out Of Office towel. This beach towel is state of the art when it comes to keep you away from any work related questions. Just place it on the sand and it activates the holiday mood like magic. 90 lei will help us cover any logistics costs for an hour of an event in Vama Veche.

Out of Office t-shirt


Contribute 100 lei

For a contribution of 100 lei we will reward you with the Out of Office T-Shirt. It is believed that it can expand time and make the holidays last twice as long, or when in need, will get you to your summer beach office by its self. 100 lei will be just fine to get the speaker to Vama Veche. Another 100 will help us get him back home.

Contribute 300 lei and get the full summer pack (Inspiration Cup + Summer Bag + Out of Office Towel + Out of Office T-Shirt)

For a contribution of 300 lei we will get you ready for a hot summer and equip you with everything you need to get you out of any situation. When in doubt, just reach for your pack and you'll find a way. If you get this pack we will ship it to you, wherever you are in Romania (it is that cool!)

How do you want to contribute for Impact Hub Vama Veche?

The events we host at Impact Hub Vama Veche

Attending the events at Impact Hub Vama Veche is free of charge and a simple registration form will be available soon on each event page. But we highly encourage you to choose one of the awesome rewards above and contribute to making Impact Hub Vama Veche!

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