One casual day at Impact Hub Bucharest | June 7th 2016

The day started with lots of energy, with an event for the rebels of the business sector interested in the subject, regardless of their role/experience/expertize:”Innovation at workplace” powered by The European Workplace Innovation Network and ITOL CEE.

Oana Craioveanu, one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Bucharest told us the story of how the space was created, first by prototyping the start-up in a small apartment located in the Old Centre.


The beauty of bringing the concept of The Hub in Romania was and is focused on building up a community who is supporting the entrepreneurs. In 2013, the global network The Hub was rebranded and became Impact Hub. It was the only co-working space in Bucharest at that time, with lots of inspiration and meaningful events for the community members. The community counts today more than 180 active members only in Bucharest (900 members overall, counting from the beginning until today) and more than 11 000 globally, spread in more than 80 Impact Hubs on 5 continents. Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca came to existence after 5 years from the first start-up prototype and launched this year, in March.


Lunch time is always fun on Tuesdays, because we are all taking the time to get to know each other and have relevant discussions about ideas, projects and news. We call it Sexy Salad, because the conversations are so sexy! Basically, we ensure every member from the co-working space has a healthy meal and a great time, with lots of energy for the rest of the week. Yes, we can enjoy a good online conversation, but boy it feels good to discuss offline with lots of people from time to time! 🙂

sexy salad

But the best was yet to come. The 8th edition of Hub Talks took place in the same evening. How was it? A-ma-zing! The room was fully booked, more than 100 people came to find out more about the topic of the event: Gamification in business. The 6 speakers came from different areas where the gamification is applied: Elena Marineci (Starfishevents), Laura Martin (Vodafone), Armina Sîrbu (Școala de Valori), Dan Dimitrescu (KillHouse Games), Decebal Leonard Marin (Corporate Dynamics), Romana Baia (Trend Consult).

What is gamification? The method used to help people learn concepts without realising the learning process. Basically, the learning part takes place more as a relaxation and in a very collaborative manner. The new working people are more and more preoccupied with learning and accumulating high dozes of information in a short time, thus gamification seems to bring a learning ease, especially to millenials.

Decebal suggested we focus on each type of target group. By giving trainings to a large range of individuals, he insisted we adapt the speech to each person, based on age, sex and background.


We all agree we can’ apply the same methods used when the Internet was used only by it’s creators, we need stimulants and motivation in order to be able to remember all these pieces of information. There are some rules in creating a good gamification concept, and they are more oriented towards the motivation, the soft skills and the overall results. It is important to combine the know-how with the performance indicators and the emotional & engagement side: learning by having fun, working and having meaningful conversations, connecting and discovering bits and pixels, little by little. Kind of like a co-working space. 🙂


Curios how the evening was? Here are some photos from Hub Talks – Gamification for business. If you were not here this Tuesday, we hope you will get to join us for the next events. You can have the full calendar anytime by accessing this page, where we constantly update the upcoming events.

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