Hi Matei, you invested in several businesses before, what made you choose Cosul de Legume as well as an investment?

It was an organic idea. Seriously. After having kids and worrying about what they eat and how it impacts their health, my wife and me were thinking of growing our own vegetables. And since Andrei, Cosul de legume’s founder, was a friend of a friend… We all got together, had a long talk about food, lifestyle and values, and realized we can work together. Then we got into serious figures and budgets… but this is another story.

Are you just an investor or involve hands on in the operations?

This is a hands-on business. I’m mostly handling Sales and Finance, but I also get into the legal part when I have expertise.

Where do you plan to take this business? Which are your middle terms plans?

We plan to expand and diversify our production, as well as delivery terms and areas. And maybe have an impact on national agricultural policies, who knows? It is a tough environment for small farmers, and even tougher if you want an organic production.

Just earth, water and sun

What is the main difference between your vegies and the ones we find in the supermarket?

O pesticides. O stimulants. Just earth, water and sun. Plus we eat them too!

We recently decided together to bring the vegetables you produce closer to The HUB members. Can you tell us how the members can order the products?

It’s very easy. You just chose your products on our website and have them delivered @HUB, once or twice a week.

What about the general public or other large groups? How can they order?

All orders can be made on the website: www.cosuldelegume.ro We can deliver at home or in another delivery center, with no delivery fee, and we are setting up a wider network as we speak. Delivery centers will be available in several bio-shops, kindergartens, office buildings and any person can become a delivery center by ordering for 3 others and getting a free shipping.

Daniel Matei

Daniel Matei

Daniel este marketer online cu experiență de vânzări care utilizează cunoștințele acumulate până acum pentru a ajuta afaceri precum a ta să își seteze corect obiectivele de comunicare, promovare și vânzare online! În prezent activează ca Director pentru Impact Hub Bucharest.