Iutta began as a journey of entrepreneurship and self-discovery

Nicoleta Chirica, the founder of Iutta, had the business concept in mind 2 years before implementing it. Her start-up is, in the present time, very successful and counts hundreds of happy returning customers. See how the acceleration program helped her reach the target, below.

What stage was your start-up in when you joined the start-up accelerator?

When I signed up for the program, the business was in its early stages of development. The concept was decided about two years earlier and the launch took place in 2013. My idea was to reflect, through design and craftsmanship, the strong sense of identity which cultures display, and this all started as a journey of entrepreneurship and self-discovery. Iutta was then in full development, so the vision and the next steps in the business plan were critical.

Why did you join? What were you trying to get done through the program?

We needed to ensure that the long-term strategy was suitable with the goal that we had in mind, to support us through the next stages and deliver the results that we planned. The business was growing and extending in many directions, so the organizing tools we’ve been provided with in the program proved to be vital – they gave us clarity and helped us tackle all the future decisions with more ease.

What was the most important or surprising insight you had during the program?

One of the most useful things that I saw during this program was that it is my responsibility to choose from all the good ideas only a small percentage of them, making informed decisions which are in line with the overall strategy and are worthy of all my time and resources.

What had the program done for your start-up, overall?

It offered me an understanding of my business model and my clients, which are two of the most essential elements needed in setting up for a successful and sustainable brand.

What stage are you in now? Do you consider that the program helped move faster to the next stage in launching/growing your business?

Currently, we’re going through development and approaching with steady steps the scaling phase. In the months after the program, we built on solid ground and the structure that we created will support our progress moving forward. It has clearly provided us with guidance at the time that we needed it and the format of the business challenge allowed us to take action unreservedly, speeding up the process overall.

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