Apply for Hubcelerator and become a startup superhero!

Hubcelerator is the program developed by Impact Hub Bucharest and it is specially designed to facilitate impact-driven entrepreneurs to accelerate their business from the stage of idea formation or start-up initiative to a market validated business model. Most times superheroes are not born, but made, therefore expect a 10 weeks adventure that will give you all the tools and deliver a mindset of a start-up superhero!

For whom is it?

Hubcelerator is for all types of ventures, no matter the domain you activate in: non-profits, for-profits, and hybrid business models. We are searching for the most determined superheroes entrepreneurs to take the roller-coast of validating their business model and prototype during the Hubcelerator, in order to accelerate their idea or start-up. Your business model can be built by a protector, savior or warrior, but either way, the basic idea behind it is what matters the most.

Selection process

The selection will be an ongoing process starting September 10th till September 30th. Hubcelerator is for all types of business, no matter the domain you activate in: non-profits, for-profits, and hybrid business models We are searching for the most determined superheroes entrepreneurs to take the roller-coast of validating their business model and prototype during the Hubcelerator, in order to accelerate their idea or start-up. Your business model can be built by a protector, savior or warrior, but either way, the basic idea behind it is what matters the most.

The brains

When you embark on your entrepreneurial journey you will need all the super powers up your sleeve to get you from the very early stages of your start-up to a validated prototype. This is why during the Hubcelerator program you will get in-depth insights on business modeling, innovation, validation and planning, seasoned with hands-on advices from experts in legal & accounting, marketing, sales, social media, human resources, funding and many more. .

The crew

From program meet-ups, Impact Hub events, meeting investors and business mentors, all participants in Hubcelerator program will get in touch with dozens of peers, professionals and experts willing to share from their experience and know-how. The key ingredient is matching the right people; therefore, every participant will get the best suited business mentor taking into account the nature of his/her business and area of expertise.

The spaceship

Although the program lasts for 2 month, we offer you 5 full months of unlimited access to Impact Hub Bucharest! Located in the buzzing Unirii Square, it offers you a space with all the tools and trimmings needed to grow and develop your business. From using it as meeting point, working environment or simply connecting with over 200 members, you can make the most out of it.

The tools

Besides superpowers, all heroes have their own tools and cool gadgets. Using the right ones is critical when creating, testing and developing new business ideas, therefore we are working all the time in getting them for our participants. For this edition you will get the Business Model Generation Book, which is the most awesome ”gadget” an entrepreneur could have and you can consult it at any times, even after the program has ended.

An overview of the Hubcelerator program

  • Tune your business model using Business Model Canvas and other tools and instruments.
  • Get real market insights and “the how to” from the 14 workshops with experts on Legal Set-up, Finance & Accounting, Funding, Customer Relationships, Marketing & Product Development, Sales, Technology, Social Media, Human Resources and Pitching
  • 7 Program Meet-ups where you will find out about successful business stories, best practices and check your progress with peers and other entrepreneurs.
  • Business Mentoring Sessions – one to one meetings with your assigned mentor
  • Clear assignments on the validation process and key check points
  • 1 Final Challenge: Pitch your idea in front of a board of experts & investors.

Workshops’ Overview - October 5th - December 4th 2015

  • 5&6 Oct, 9.00-18.00 | Business Model Canvas – Design your Business Model with Vlad Craioveanu, Impact Hub Bucharest
  • 8 Oct, 19.00-21.00 | Growing Business through Mentoring with Florentina Soare, CMI Certified Mentor
  • 15 Oct, 18.00-21.00 | Getting from idea to being investor-ready with Ana Maria Andronic, Venture Connect & Biris-Goran
  • 16 Oct, 9.00-18.00 | Marketing & Product Development Workshop with Andreea & Ștefan Teodorescu – Strategis RBC & SABMiller
  • 21 Oct,18.00-21.00 | Finance: Accounting for Entrepreneurs with Diana Gavrilescu, Accounting Coach
  • 24 Oct, 9.00-18.00 | MVP - Design your Prototype with Vlad Craioveanu, Impact Hub Bucharest
  • 27 Oct, 18.00-21 | Legal Setup Workshop with Shirina Ștefănescu, LegalWay
  • 28 Oct, 18.00-21.00 | Customer Relationship Workshop with Marius Tudosiei, Băcănia Veche
  • 4 Nov, 18.00-21.00 | Sales Workshop with Valentin Pașa, Trend Consult
  • 7 Nov, 9.00-18.00 | Strategic Planning with Vlad Craioveanu, Impact Hub Bucharest
  • 10 Nov, 18.00-21.00 | Social Media Workshop with Daniel Matei, & Impact Hub
  • 11 Nov, 18.00-21.00 | Smart Solutions for Building Your MVP with Lucian Grămescu, Impact Hub Bucharest
  • 18 Nov, 18.00-21.00 | Finance: Forecasting and Pricing, with Cristian Prajitura, NetConnect Internet
  • 26 Nov, 9.00-18.00 | The Perfect Pitch with Anna Heijker
  • 4 Dec, 9.00-18.00 | Open Pitch in Impact Festival
  • 11 Dec, 9.00-18.00 | Meet the Investors & Final Pitch

Crowdfunding Campaign for Startup Superheroes


We Are Here will provide all Hubcelerator super heroes with full support to test the market through a 30 day crowdfunding campaign.

By launching your products or services for sale while still in concept stage, you will get valuable information about how potential customers perceive your product and your pricing. You will also understand how they respond to your marketing channels of choice and get answers for many other questions you need to answer in order to build a new and sustainable business.

  • 26 Oct, 14.00-19.00 | Crowdfunding Campaign Design with Irina Caraivan and Andrei Dumitrescu, We Are Here
  • 29, 30 or 31 Oct | Choose your 1-hour Open Hours Session with the We Are Here team to get feedback on finalizing your campaign presentation and strategy
  • 4 Nov | Campaign Launch – the clock will start ticking on all participant campaigns after the dedicated section of the We Are Here website will be published
  • 7 Dec | Campaign Closing
Throughout the 5 weeks, We Are Here will also provide additional marketing & PR support by promoting the Hubcelerator crowdfunding campaign through press releases and social media posting.

Amazon Web Services Superpowers


As a partner, Amazon Web Services will provide all Hubcelerator startup superheroes 2 years of access to a package of cloud computing power tools, in value of 3000 USD.

The package will allow entrepreneurs to easily cover  cloud computing needs  web and mobile applications, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.   More information about what AWS can do for your business is available here.

Each company will also receive:

What results you can expect from attending Hubcelerator?


The statistics

Out of 50 participants to previous acceleration programs developed & run by Impact Hub Bucharest more then 50 % are in running operations and are developing their business towards scaling. Compared to the general statistics that only 1 in 10 startups survive, attending our programs increases your chances of developing a sustainable business with 500%.
Wild Thing logo

Paul Călin

Working through the steps of the program, workshop by workshop and most importantly, conversation to conversation with my peers and the trainers, I started to zoom in on what was critical to build around the idea. Now I run a business that is already about 70% sustainable and growing and the social impact generated is of very good quality - so I would say that without the program I would probably have no business today.
Iutta logo

Nicoleta Chirică

One of the most useful things that I learnt during this program was that it is my responsibility to choose from all the good ideas only a small percentage of them, making informed decisions which are in line with the overall strategy and are worthy of all my time and resources.
Aviziero logo

Bogdan Ioan

The program helped us double our income in 6 months (during and after the program). It provided us with efficient tools to study, understand and address our target market anytime in the future, and not just Aviziero – the skills we learnt transfer to ANY business. Very important –it also helped us regain and even increase the good morale and confidence in the project, by interaction with the other participants.



2015 Hubcelerator Cohort of Start-ups


Am o dambla brings together people with passion and skill with those seeking an introduction into learning any hobby or craft.


Bookletta is a line of bags with a special transparent pocket to show off the book that you are reading.

Dare to Rug

Dare to Rug is the first Romanian design brand that produces hand-tufted rugs.


F2F uses technology to help people find the things they have lost.


Kidult discovers and develops children through a real-life process based on implementing project ideas.


ParadoxBox creates special boxes that turn even the simplest gifts into a special experience.

The Stranger

The stranger is a mobile game that develops language skills through a constant survival challlenge testing your learning abilities to the limit.


Apomat provides superior water through vending machines in campuses and across the city.


Carroș provides food with a story in the same package by discovering the unknown chefs around us.


DroneMap provides high-resolution and up-to-date aerial imagery for complex projects in fields like agriculture, construction or urban development.


Flug is a crowd-sourced courier service seamlessly connecting couriers with senders.


Legorent provides families and kids with affordable access to LEGO sets through a monthly subscription.

Positive Projects

Positive Projects offers sustainability training and consultancy services to companies and NGOs for implementing the Global Reporting Initiative G4 standard.


Tonomat brings democracy in clubs, parties or the radio by providing people with a tool to influence the music that is played.

Artistiq it's an online shop who sells art and design objects created by romanian artists and designers.

Centrul de recuperare AVC

The AVC team is building a prevention and recovery clinic to address the problem of cerebrovascular stroke.


Echoz innovates recruiting by using technology to bring job opportunities to the right candidates through unexplored communication channels.

Health and Happyness

Organic farming and products from our own farm.

Modular Homes

Modular Homes designs, produces and delivers high quality sustainable buildings by using prefab materials to provide the cost and time delivery you choose.

Soup Loop

Soup Loop is the first soup bar in Bucharest, dedicated to healthy food, seasonal, organic ingredients and unique taste.


Traverience is an outdoor tourism company who aims to bring people closer to nature.

Blend It combines health and convenience, providing a quick, accessible solution to integrating healthy smoothies in our daily life.

Coffee 4 friends

Coffee 4 Friends brings quality coffee closer to you through conveniently placed coffee drives.

Eleven Store

Eleven Store provides customers with multiple options to turn photography into art for their home.


INmotion provides energy for 1 million tasks through a fitness and nutrition methodology developed by the team.

Online Bycicle Racing

A platform for dedicated cyclists to train and race together even during the harshest winters.

Stai să-ți povestesc

Storytelling workshops and events for businesses and NGOs who want to build stronger messages and communities.


A social business in Balotesti focusing on textile production for its own products or custom orders.