How Aviziero doubled their income in six months

Bogdan Ioan is the founder of Aviziero, an online application that improves communication and the activity flow between the building managers and owners/tenants, through an online collaborative platform that fills the needs of all the involved parties.

What stage was your start-up in when you joined the start-up accelerator?

Aviziero was in the development stage when we joined the program.

Why did you join? What were you trying to get done through the program?

We joined at a point when we were struggling with a lot of strategic questions and felt that the project was stagnating. That is why we had a lot of questions related to development and hoped for good answers and ideas from either co-participants or trainers. We also needed a moral and energy boost, as we were slowly running out of ideas.
I think this was obvious throughout the program, as I was one of the participants that asked a lot of questions and usually insisted until fully clarified and correlated to the real business situations presented.

What was the most important or surprising insight you had during the program?

I realised that entrepreneurial education is far more difficult to learn than Math or Physics – not because it is complicated or difficult to understand, but because it contradicts some of your personal beliefs and, in order to evolve, you need to start by challenging and changing yourself. That’s a tough choice to make, but full of accomplishments, once pursued.
I was also extremely baffled to realise that entrepreneurial education is not something that we are born or educated at home with.  Entrepreneurial education should be taught by trainers and understood and applied by students. Just like every other class in school. In short, the surprising insight was that building a successful business needs a completely different set of skills than building the good product or service that you are going to sell.

What had the program done for your start-up, overall?

The program helped us double income in 6 months (during and after the program). It provided us with efficient tools to study, understand and address our target market anytime in the future, and not just Aviziero – the skills we learnt transfer to ANY business. Very important –it also helped us regain and even increase the good morale and confidence in the project, by interaction with the other participants.

What stage are you in now? Do you consider that the program helped move faster to the next stage in launching/growing your business?

That was not the case for us, as we were quite advanced in the developing cycle which forced us to slow down and do a lot of backtracking to redesign our business. This took us longer than if we had built the business model correctly from the beginning, but it was necessary. I feel that the project now relies on a steadier foundation, I have a better understanding of the market we activate in and have a better plan to succeed.

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