HUB Talks - Developing Romanian Traditional Crafts


HUB Talks – Developing Romanian Traditional Crafts

Ideas for sustainability and stories from the ground

Developed in partnership with TATAIA, this HUB Talk makes the old meet the new in a forward-thinking and sustainable way. With a couple of questions in mind, some people from a wide range of industries from NGOs, advertising professionals to designers and companies set themselves to find the best ideas that could enable Romanian traditional crafts to reach new markets and audiences. We want to exchange know-how and stories from the ground about how to develop traditional craftsmanship and how to survive the current ethno-folk trends, with no compromises in the traditional approach but plenty of added value.

If you’re curious to see how to start enabling instead of aiding, if you’re eager to discover how to create contemporary market value for traditional craftsmanship, join us in a debate on how a viable network of creative thinkers and doers can engage so that Romanian cultural heritage and local flair can not only survive but thrive while reaching a broader audience.

Main topics

  • What is the state of the Romanian traditional craftsmanship on the ground in the light of the ethno-folk boom?
  • Are traditional crafts a functional or a cultural need?
  • How do we foster diversity and resist standardisation?
  • What is the missing link between the traditional craftspeople and the market?
  • How and why should designers and other creative workers engage with traditional crafts?
  • How can we create sustainability and market value for Romanian craftspeople?
  • What is the KRAFTMADE network?



This event is free within a limited number of places but registration via the form below is mandatory. For general public, please explain briefly why would you like to join this event in the field below.

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Date & Time

September 19, 2013 | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


San Francisco Room

Updated on 27 August 2013